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The Office Best Episodes

Un fotógrafo cambia los roles de género en anuncios de los años 50

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Tapones cerveza para Festivales de Música

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Haunting Images of Abandoned Medical Centres


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How Color Blindness Works

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I am too

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Poetical Coincidences in Pictures

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Party is over


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Crowd Singing Bohemian Rhapsody waiting for Green Day to perform



It’s hard to believe these photos didn’t use photoshop

Shut up and take my money


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Ancient Stepwells of India


The magazine for angry old people



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This is the cutest and funniest video ever

“My son saw a firetruck outside randomly parked outside our house (it was getting some water pressure out of a hydrant, nothing to do with us).|
This is the result (note – in case you can’t tell, he loves firetrucks)

Pictures of San Francisco Colorful Houses


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How ‘When Harry Met Sally’ Broke Genre Conventions

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Imágenes de la arquitectura Noruega parecen sacadas directamente de un cuento

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Solomon Burke – Cry to me (1962)

How to transform an IKEA lamp into an exploding death star lamp

You can follow a tutorial HERE or HERE.

Perfectly 2016 sum up

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